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Our gluten free journey nearly 30 years when I was diagnosed with coeliacs at aged 20. At a time when the internet wasn't available and the library was the only real source of gluten free living information. It is very fair to say it wasn't an easy transition but we fumbled on through making sure I was getting the best nutrition available to heal my body.

Fast forward two decades and our daughter was diagnosed with coeliacs at age 3 followed shortly after with my Mum, now in her 70's. This diagnosis isn't always the easiest to accept or get a grasp of and I was now faced with what my parents must have gone through. Luckily we had the knowledge and experience of living gluten free.

Our daughter was a lover of fresh bread especially spicy fruit buns and the commercial bought ones weren't to her liking and contained ingredients I couldn't say or spell. So we started making our own Wholesome and Spicy Fruit Loaves with just a few ingredients, no nasties. Then we stared getting asked for the recipe. 

We wanted everyone to be able to enjoy fresh gluten free bread and I knew that sometimes you didn't have all the ingredients so you would make do or substitute and end up creating another small windowless building. 

So The Alternative Bread Company breadmixes were born. A simple way to make allergy friendly bread, knowing that you wouldn't be missing a vital ingredient and your bread would be able to be enjoyed every time.

Ruth Smallwood - Founder, The Alternative Bread Company

Ruth Smallwood
The Alternative Bread Company