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We love questions!

We all have questions especially when we come across something new. If you can’t find your answer below, send your questions to us via our contact us page, email or if it civilised hours and your really want to know the answer now -  you can message us on 0220 939 497.

Who is The Alternative Bread Company?

We are a family run business with three generations of coeliacs. We have walked in your shoes and understand the enormity of hearing the words that you need to eliminate foods for your health  and well-being. When you first get your diagnosis you usually have a wee 'that's ok moment', I'm ok going gluten free, my friend is gluten free, I'll ring her. We are that friend! Read more about what makes us tick here. Our vision is simple - we want everyone to enjoy fresh gluten free and allergy free bread again.

Are your bread mixes gluten free, dairy free, soy, egg and nut free?

We are Coeliac New Zealand accredited and are proud to be a Cross Grain Logo supplier. Every blend we do is tested for gluten. Our ingredients are also free from dairy, nuts, soy and egg. We keep our bread mixes simple and without preservatives. Read about why we chose the ingredients we do - it won’t take you long, there are only 9 ingredients!

I have never baked before - is it really easy?

Making your own fresh bread is very easy, you require a bowl and spoon to mix it all together. We do recommend a set of digital scales for measuring your ingredients, it is a good idea to weigh your water out on the scales too. You will need a bread tin to bake in if you are wanting traditional shaped loaves but you can make a free-form shape on a tray easily.

Are your bread mixes vegan?

Yes - our bread mixes are vegan, you can chose the sugar to be your own preferences, date syrup works really well for both refined sugar free and vegan.

What can I substitute for yeast?

Replace your yeast with a heaped teaspoon of baking soda(6g) and 10ml freshly squeezed lemon juice, You can also substitute water for soda water. Follow the rest of the baking and mixing instructions as a normal loaf. You can leave it to rest for a little before baking but the rising will happen while it’s being baked. It won’t rise quite as high as a yeasted loaf but it does taste just as good! 

What can I use instead of sugar?

There are lots of sugar alternatives to use, honey, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, coconut sugar and our favourite is date syrup. Stay away from using artificial sweeteners they do not activate the yeast well.

Can I only make a loaf of bread?

No - Our bread mixes form into a dough and are very versatile so you can make your bread into any shape you want. When rolling to it is good to work on a floured silicone mat or baking paper. You can make scrolls, hamburger buns, finger scrolls, plaited loaves, pita pockets, pizza bases and cute little dinner rolls. The choice is yours, you can find some inspiration on recipe page. 

Are your bread mixes Keto friendly?

We are friendly to everyone and believe everyone should have good bread! Our focus has been with the gluten and allergy free bread at present. Currently we do not any bread mixes that are Keto suitable but who knows where the path may take us in the future.

How much does one packet make?

A 500g bread mix will make a large loaf of bread with a finished weight of approximately 1100g - nearly double that of the size of commercially produced loaves. 500g bread mix will also make 8 good size burger buns. 

Can I make a half mix?

Yes you can. You can use 250g to make smaller loaves or 4 burger buns or a couple of pizza bases. We recommended when halving the the recipe you add 8g yeast, so a good heaped teaspoon. Our small Farmhouse Bread Tins are perfect for smaller loaves. 

How do I store my bread mixes?

Your bread mixes need to be store in a cool and dry place, they will keep best in an airtight container. Our shelf life is 6 months from blend date for the Wholesome and 12 months for the Spicy Fruit. You can also choose to store your bread mix in the freezer which extends its life out to 2years - a great wee trick to know for all flours!

How long will my baked bread keep?

Storing your bread in a cotton bread bag is the best way to keep your bread. The bread bag lets your bread breath and not sweat. It will keep well for a few days and will start to take on a yeasty fragrance when it is getting past its best. Your bread can be eaten as sandwiches for the first couple of days and then it is best toasted. It can also be sliced and frozen and just taken out as you need it. Thawed frozen bread makes great sandwiches too. 

Can I use your bread mixes to bake cakes or biscuits?

We have a selection of recipes for you to try and are always adding more. Our bread mixes measure ½ cup = 100g which is different weight ratio to standard baking flour, this is good to know if you are converting one of your favourite recipes. You make find you need extra liquid as the flaxseed and the psyllium husk absorb water, just add a little at a time and let it sit before adding more.

Can I use my bread maker?

Yes you can - place your water, yeast and sugar straight into your bread maker pan, let this activate then add your bread mix and start on the gluten free setting.

I have just ordered online, how long until my parcel arrives?

Firstly, thank you for your order - we love your support. Your order should be with you in 2/3 business working days. Our dispatch days are Monday (excluding public holidays), Wednesday and Thursday.