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Farmhouse Bread Tin
Farmhouse Bread Tin

Farmhouse Bread Tin

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Introducing the Farmhouse Bread Tin , a versatile baking tool designed for perfect gluten free loaves every time. Say goodbye to sharp corners and uneven baking—this pan is your go-to for those wanting to make perfect high loaves 

Crafted from durable aluminised steel, this bread tin is built to last. The quality coating ensures easy depanning and requires less oil, making your baking experience smoother and more enjoyable. The deep-sided design with a wired top edge provides stability and ensures your bakes rise evenly.

With solid industrial-type construction, this pan is reliable and sturdy, ready to handle your favourite recipes time and time again.


  • Made from durable Aluminised Steel
  • Available in medium and large sizes
  • Medium size: perfect for high smaller bread using 25)g bread mix 
  • Large size: ideal for a full bread mix bake
  • Quality Coating for easy depanning and less oil
  • Deep Drawn with wired top edge
  • Solid Industrial type construction


Top Inside: 170 x 102 mm
Base Inside: 153 x 85 mm
Depth: 98 mm


Top Inside: 233 x 100 mm
Base Inside: 220 x 87 mm
Depth: 98 mm