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Gluten Free Pizza Base

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Gluten Free Pizza Base
Gluten Free Pizza Base

You will need

Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Cook Time 20 minutes 
Difficulty Easy
Ingredients 6

Nut free
Egg free
Sugar free option
Dairy free 
Gluten free

When making pizza we like to follow the theory - less is more. Keep your toppings to 2-4 will allow you to enjoy all the flavours.  Adding your fresh greens (spinach, rocket, herbs) after cooking keeps them from wilting and the freshness alive. Drizzle sauces, balsamic, oil or sprinkle sea salt after cooking.

Makes 6 medium bases.

In a medium sized bowl mix together the Wholesome Bread Mix, salt, yeast and sugar. Add the water, cider vinegar and mix well. Make sure all the dry ingredients have combined with the liquids to form a ball of dough. 

Divide into 6 even portions.

Take one portion and on a floured surface roll out to just smaller than a dinner plate, it should be about 5mm thick. You will need to keep sprinkling flour so the base can freely move to around, just go cautiously as you don't want a heavily floured base. Once rolled place on a floured board, flour the top lightly and move onto rolling the next portion. Once rolled place on on top of the previous rolled base to make a stack. Repeat until all rolled.

Cover and leave the stack to rise.

30 minutes prior to starting to cook, turn on your oven to 200°C and place your pizza stone/baking tray in the oven at this time. You want your tray to be hot when you add your pizza in.

On a floured surface, board or silicon mat start adding your topping; remember less is more. Check your base can freely move on the surface; this will make it easier to transfer to the oven using a pizza peel or a coupe of spatulas. 

Take care when transferring on to your hot tray and bake for 10-15 minutes.

Once cooked, garnish and enjoy.

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