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Our gluten free journey nearly 30 years when I was diagnosed with coeliacs at aged 20. At a time when the internet wasn't available and the library was the only real source of gluten free living information. It is very fair to say it wasn't an easy transition but we fumbled on through making sure I was getting the best nutrition available to heal my body.

Fast forward two decades and our daughter was diagnosed with coeliacs at age 3 followed shortly after with my Mum, now in her 70's. This diagnosis isn't always the easiest to accept or get a grasp of and I was now faced with what my parents must have gone through. Luckily we had the knowledge and experience of living gluten free.
Our daughter was a lover of fresh bread especially spicy fruit buns and the commercial bought ones weren't to her liking and contained ingredients I couldn't say or spell. So we started making our own Wholesome and Spicy Fruit Loaves with just a few ingredients, no nasties. Then we stared getting asked for the recipe.

Fresh bread  for everyday.

Fresh bread for everyday.

Gluten Free Choco Chip Biscuits

Gluten Free Choco Chip Biscuits

Gluten Free Rolls

Gluten Free Rolls

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First Loaf  Kit

First Loaf Kit

Wholesome Bread  Mix - 2kg

Wholesome Bread Mix - 2kg

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Spicy Fruit Bread Mix - 500g

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I made the Wholesome Loaf for the first time on the weekend and it is amazing. Since being diagnosed as Coeliac I have been craving a jam sandwhich. I have not been able to find a gluten free bread which is nice enough to do this with, but have finally found this with the wholesome loaf. It is amazing and it is so nice to have a bread that does not have to be toasted to be any good. I have the fruit loaf mix in my cupboard and am looking forward to trying this as well.

Shona Russell, Wellington

Hey, just wanted to say our flour arrived today. I made a loaf this afternoon and wow it is amazing!! Thank you so much. So easy to make it and it’s the easiest slicing bread I’ve ever made (normal wheat flour loaves included), and it’s so soft to eat 🥰🤤 our toddler who can’t have gluten loves it already. I’ll make some hot cross buns or fruit loaf next.

Megan Grant, South Canterbury

Ruth was fantastic about sorting out my order when it didn't arrive due to an issue with the courier. She did the dealing with the courier company while sending me out a new order. Nothing was a problem, Ruth went above and beyond my expectations to help me out.

Rachael Masterton, Dunedin

Hi! I was given a Wholesome loaf pack and I’ve just made it in my bread maker. Thank you so much! I’m so happy. It’s the best bread I have eaten since my coeliac diagnosis five years ago. I’ll be trying your other products now 

Elizabeth Isbister, Oamaru

Just made my first loaf, that I got at the markets last week. It tastes amazing and was so easy! The kids love it as well, you’ve totally made my weekend I have fresh bread back in my life can’t wait to make more.

Esther, Auckland

I'm so glad I found your company. I have no complaints for the taste of the breads and buns, infact just moans cause I can't always keep up with demand - thank you

Deanna Underwood, Maungaturoto

The best bread mix, fast delivery, great customer service. New foods added to Coeliac household. So thankful I found them

Karen Saunders


Thought changing.

Thought changing.

Our breadmixes will change the way you think about gluten free bread forever. Mix, bake, eat - it really is the simplest and freshest gluten free bread you will ever have.

Finest ingredients.

Finest ingredients.

All of our breadmixes are created using the finest gluten free ingredients. We have worked out all the ratios just right so you don't have to worry about missing ingredients and can get perfect gluten free bread every time.

Experience matters.

Experience matters.

We understand your whole world of gluten free living, the highs and lows. We have 3 generations of coeliacs in our family and have been gluten free for over 25 years.