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Gluten Free Muffin Splits

Gluten Free Muffin - Splits


A muffin - split, toasted and buttered, a perfect start to any day. Making muffin - splits is easier than you ever imagined. You will need a non stick, heavy-based fry pan or a flat griddle.

Makes 6 

For Spicy Fruit Muffin - Splits you will also need: 

  • lemon juice, add the water to make up to the 250mls warm water as above
  • handful of  raisins or currants


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.

Tip out on to lightly floured surface and knead together until smooth.

Divide into 6 even pieces, shape in to rounds and flatten to about 2cm.

Dust with buckwheat flour, this gives a great texture to the crust.

Leave to prove on a floured board or a linen cloth until about doubled in size.

Heat your frypan over a medium heat, lay your muffins in the pan and cook for a minute and then gently turn them over.  Cook slowly for about 10 -12 minutes, turning regularly. You may need to turn you heat down if they are colouring up too quickly, they shouldn't be going toasted looking.

Leave on a wire rack to cool. Split with a knife once cooled, stopping just before going all the way in half.

    Toast and enjoy with your favourite toppings.

    Enjoy! x