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First Loaf Kit
First Loaf Kit
First Loaf Kit
Spicy Fruit Bread Mix
Spicy Fruit Bread Mix
fresh gluten free bread
gluten free bread

First Loaf Kit

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Our First Loaf Kit is perfect for those starting out on their gluten free journey. If you have never baked or do not feel fully experienced in the kitchen, our first tip is - don't panic!  We have been here before and can help you along the way.

Using our breadmixes to create your own fresh bread is simple.  The First Loaf Kit is an easy way to try our breadmixes for the first time or treat someone who has just starting out gluten free.

We have created our breadmixes to form into a dough, for the newbies, this is uncommon in the gluten free world. Forming into a dough lets you get creative and eliminates the need for investing in extra equipment in the early days.  You can make a delicious artisan rounded loaf on your baking tray.

We understand that you would want to try before you commit to our larger, great buying packs and baking essentials, The First Loaf Kit lets you do this.  

The First Loaf Kit includes 500g Wholesome Breadmix, 500g Spicy Fruit Breadmix, 125g Yeast 

Here are our quick links to the recipes to see how simple it is to be eating fresh gluten free bread 

Spicy Fruit Bread Mix Recipe 

Wholesome Bread Mix Recipe 

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