Spicy Fruit Loaf Breadmix
Spicy Fruit Loaf Breadmix
Spicy Fruit Loaf Breadmix

Spicy Fruit Loaf Breadmix

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Our Spicy Fruit Loaf mix makes a fantastic fruit loaf but also just as marvellous spicy fruit buns.
With slight citrus undertones, and simple to make - no fluffing about - tip - add a few additional ingredients - mix - wait (proving time) - cook - EAT. It’s that simple to create your own homestyle bread made with love, not nasties.

Gluten, dairy, soy, nut and egg-free. You can choose to make it sugar-free too. 

500gms of breadmix will make a large 1kg finished weight loaf or 12 good sized buns.
Can be sliced and frozen (if not all eaten a couple of days)

Available in

500gm (craft zip lock pouch)

2kg (no-frills brown paper bag, you will need to follow the instructions below).

PLEASE NOTE: The despatch date for these will begin from the week commencing 11th  January 2021.

HOT CROSS BUN RECIPE.                       


Ingredients: Brown Rice Flour, Potato, Starch,Buckwheat Flour, Sorghum Flour, Tapioca Starch, Psyllium Husk, Baking Powder, Spices (Cinnamon, Mixed Spice, Ground Cloves), Salt.

Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.