Alternative Starter Kit
Alternative Starter Kit
Alternative Starter Kit
Alternative Starter Kit
Alternative Starter Kit

Alternative Starter Kit

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Where the only thing not going into the compost is the bread!

We have bundled up all the waste-free essentials in our Alternative Starter Kit for you to start making your own gluten-free bread without landfill waste. Removing single-use plastic when living a gluten-free diet can be difficult, there is the need to avoid cross-contamination between products and the environment but the heavy use of plastic in packaging is frightening.

The Alternative Starter Kit contains:
500g Wholesome Bread Mix  - compostable packaging
500g Spicy Fruit Bread Mix  - compostable packaging
Cotton Bread Bag
Large or Small Traditional  Bread Tin
80g Yeast in a resealable glass jar
Please note: your breadmix is now in compostable pouches without the fabric outer 

Small Bread Tins: These take a half measure - you will only need to use 250g breadmix, 300mls water, 20-30g sugar and 8g yeast (or a good heaped teaspoon) or alternatively make a full mixture and have a small loaf and some burger buns. Bake your loaf for 25mins or until you tap the top and it sounds hollow. Buns will need 20-25mins 

Our Packaging
We use either compostable or reusable packaging:
Brown paper - pop into your compost when you’re done or get your iron out and reuse it- seriously!
Cotton String - you could compost but a piece of string is always handy so coil it up and reuse.
Brown paper tape
Our boxes are all stamped with our NZ made stamp, once we would have used a sticker and created landfill waste with the backing.


These are great as a starter kit for yourself or as a gift for a loved one to help reduce single-use plastic waste!