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Wholesome Loaf

The Alternative Bread Company Wholesome loaf

You will need:
500g Wholesome Loaf Breadmix
50g sugar or honey or date syrup
12g gluten free yeast 
600mls slightly warm water.


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl or you can use your mixer with a dough hook. Keep mixing until a dough is formed. It does thicken as you mix.

Tip out on to a floured surface. 

Lightly grease a loaf tinned then lightly dust with flour, make sure the edges and corners are covered.

Put your Wholesome Bread in your tin, push out to the corners and level the top to give a flat even surface.

Leave to rise in a warm draft free place for about 40mins. In winter months or colder climate, make a warm water bath for your bread. Run enough warm water into your sink so that when you place your tin in the water level is lower than the top of your tin. Leave you bread to rise in here.

Once risen, bake in a hot oven, 200°C for 45 mins.

Remove from tin as soon as cooked to prevent a soggy bottom. Leave on a wire rack to cool before slicing

Keeps well in a cotton bread bag on the bench. Can be sliced and frozen.

Breadmaker Option: 
Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and then transfer to your breadmaker tin.
Select the gluten free setting.